Computer Support Los Angeles Connect Mac To Windows Server Share

This is a transcript from a series of tutorial videos provided by Dependable Computer Guys, Inc. serving Los Angeles California. More people are bringing MAC’s into the workplace, so Ben West From Dependable demonstrates how to connect a MAC to a Windows Server Share. Ben West can be seen on DCG’s video channel on youtube. Dependable Computer Guys, Inc. provides computer support in Los Angeles and greater Los Angeles since 1993.

Hi, I’m Ben from Dependable Computer Guys, and I’m one of their network server engineers. We have clients bringing in Macontosh computers into the office and need to connect to Windows servers in order to access their files. Today I’m going to show you how to connect from a Mac to a Windows server share.

You can start by going to “Go” on the Finder menu. Then click “Connect to Server”. You can also use the Apple K shortcut. Once the Connect to Server dialog comes up, you can type in “smb://your server name” and click on “Connect”.

You will then be prompted for the login to your Windows server. In this instance, we’ll be using the administrator. There’s no need to specify the domain in this step. Once inserted, you can click on “Connect”.

You’ll receive a list of volumes that you can connect to. These are “Windows Server Shares”, that you would normally see by browsing the server. Go to the list and select the share that you want to access and click “OK”.

It will then bring up a folder containing all of the items in that share. By default, Finder turns off all the network shares on the desktop. So you can click on Finder, and then “Preferences”. Check the box for connected servers. You will now see the share list on the desktop for easy access.

Once you’re done, you can drag the network share down to the dock and disconnect it.

I hope you found this demo on connecting a Mac to a Windows Server Share helpful. If you have any questions about connecting your Macintosh to a Windows server, feel free to contact me in the office at Dependable Computer Guys.

DCG exists to contribute to the success of our clients’ small businesses by helping them Monitor, Manage, & Optimize their mission critical information technologies.

Choosing a reliable IT provider is one of the best decisions you will ever make, one which will impact all aspects of your business. A solid partner can really make a difference.

For computer support in Los Angeles, trust Dependable Computer Guys Inc. Established in 1993, DCG has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours to maintain reliable computer networks. So, call Dependable Computer Guys for computer support at 213-261-3998 .

Great Plains On Pervasive Sql Or Ctree Redeployment Overview

Current version 10.0 of Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics is available on Microsoft SQL Server DB platform exclusively, and if you are currently enrolled in GP annual enhancement program, you are probably happy enjoying such Dynamics GP cool features as integration with MS Outlook, Sharepoint, SSRS, eConnect. For the rest of us, who are still on Pervasive SQL 2000/Btrieve or Ctree DB platforms (including Great Plains Dynamics on Mac Faircom), we would like to outline steps in redeploying Dynamics on new computer, it is especially helpful when you need to mount your new accounting application for the purposes of audit:

1.Great Plains Dynamics support options. Please, note, that Great Plains Software was acquired by Microsoft, however Microsoft Business Solutions retired Dynamics on non Microsoft SQL Server platforms in earlier 2005. This means, that you either should have internal IT resource, who is still familiar with Dynamics reinstallation and applying old service packs, or you should find Great Plains Dynamics Partner, who has consultants, familiar with old versions and their troubleshooting

2.Single user workstation install scenario. This method doesnt require separate Pervasive SQL or Ctree server installation, and you can just use Great Plains Dynamics CD. Consider dedicating Windows XP workstation, Install Great Plains Dynamics in Single User Workstation mode, copy Dynamics folder from your old server and go to the next step Location Translation procedure

3.Location Translation for Great Plains Dynamics. The reason for this step is simple both Btrieve/Pervasive SQL and Ctree use Windows (or Mac OS) operating system file handling functionality (including user security to access, write and read DB files). Pathname tables store original Dynamics UNC path (or mapped drive), where Dynamics was installed originally, back to late 1990th, and since then, if you move Great Plains Dynamics to new server you are doing original location (or original path) to new location/path translation. Typical location translation id is WINDOWS

4.Old Great Plains Dynamics on Pervasive or Ctree upgrade path. In your situation, upgrade path includes migration to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 step (this is usually done on version 7.5, you should consult your Great Plains Reseller on the steps to upgrade to Dynamics GP 7.5 on Pervasive or Ctree). When you are done with GP 7.5 migration to GP 7.5 on Microsoft SQL Server, you are on the open highway: popular route is 7.5->9.0->10.0

A General Overview Of The Method Of Setting Up A Cloud Server

Companies and individuals alike can make use of the convenient accessibility and the variety of benefits offered by cloud servers. Below is a brief guide to setting up a cloud server. The setting up process is relatively short in duration.

You should acquire and install software that will aid you in creating and managing a cloud infrastructure, for example from a supplier like VMware. Once this is done, log into the control panel and click on hosting and then cloud servers. Find a button that allows you to make a new server, click the button and then choose what size you want the server to be. Choose a name for the server, select a default cloud server image like Ubuntu 9.04 or Debian 5.0 and then click the button that allows you to add a cloud server.

You’ll then be provided with a root password and information about the cloud server and actions you can take regarding it, for example the IP address and bandwidth associated with the server and information about software rebooting and carrying out a recovery. Information about diagnostics, backups and DNS will also be supplied. When the server is launched you can run a terminal application to change the root password to increase security, add a user and assign root privileges to the user.

The SSH can be configured to use a non-standard port and block root login, both of which increase the security of the server. Then IP table rules will need to be added, which control the connections that are going out and coming in, and the network interface must be instructed to launch the rules if a server reboot occurs. Load the configured SSH again to make sure everything is running as it should. Update the server software listings from repositories and make sure things such as operating system patches and security patches are up to date. Remember to install and configure packages and configure time zone information.

Your cloud hosting has now been set up. Additional server configurations can be carried out to fulfil your needs and wants and you can install a range of applications on the cloud server. Don’t worry though if setting up a cloud server environment yourself sounds like a daunting task, as you can utilise the services of a cloud server hosting company who will set up a cloud server for you. You can make use of highly secure cloud servers through cloud server hosting that have a range of applications on them for a fee paid either monthly or annually.

There are a large number of cloud server host companies so you have a lot of options and can compare them to see which one fulfils all your requirements at the lowest cost. Get some perspective from customers of the cloud server hosting companies by searching online for reviews of the companies.

Advantages of having an Email Server

Emails are definitely one of the most easiest, simple and commonly used communicating medium nowadays. Especially for enterprises all over the world, Email plays a vital role in the fields of communication. Thus it becomes all the more important for the enterprises to check the amount of space and other benefits that they are getting from the service provider. The owners and entrepreneurs who are using the age old email services where they have limited usage and also using the email through browsers must know that paid email services lets you have unlimited data usage and also the mails can be employed with specially designed software package.

With a paid email service you will be provided with an email ID that comes in a format of ‘. Free Email Servers do not come with a whole of lot of features that you get for the paid services. You can find a lot of internet service providers who would provide you with an email service with their hosting packages while there are service providers who would only stick to the internet services. When we send and receive mails almost instantly we become quite used to the method of this communication system. However we do not really think about the technology that is actually making this whole process look so simple and easy. The most important part of the email technology lies in its email server.

The email servers work in an interesting way. Usually the communication system through emails is done by the help of POP3, IMAP and SMTP server types. Some of the widely and commonly used software packages for mail customer are Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Mac OS X’s mail and some others. All these software packages for email customer work the same way using the same technology. They also provide the same features of downloading emails and storing into the inbox from the mail server of the Gmail or Yahoo or any other concerned mail accounts.

The main communication that happens over the internet is with the help of consumer server connectivity where consumer is actually the device like desktop computer or a laptop that connects to a certain Internet Protocol to a server which is another computer that is linked to the internet and takes care of all kinds of serving and hosting. Whenever an email is sent the technology connects that specific email server that is a centralized computer managing certain supports like handling email services.

The server that carries out the responsibility of sending and receiving mails is commonly known as the SMTP or Straightforward Mail Transfer Protocol. Through a number of hops the SMTP server sends the mail to another additional SMTP server. The email gets delivered to the recipient’s server after it locates the server. The server locates the recipient by recognizing the email ID.

Apple Memory Apple Mac Mini 2.53ghz Intel Core 2 Duo (mc239lla) Memory

Apples Mac Mini 2.53GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (MC239LL/A) Memory is new in the line of memorys. To recap, Apple updated the CPU, default RAM, and hard-drive capacities of both its $599 and $799 Mac Minis. The Core 2 Duo chip in the $599 Mac goes from 2.0GHz to 2.26GHz, the RAM doubles from 1GB of RAM to 2GB, and the hard drive jumps from a 120GB to a 160GB model. The $799 Mac gets a bigger performance boost with its Core 2 Duo chip going from 2.0GHz to 2.53GHz. Its RAM also doubles from 2GB to 4GB, but its hard drive stays the same size.

If you review Macs then you will came to know that you live in a world where computers are tools, where you can be operating system agnostic, and where you appreciate, but stop short of fetish zing, good design. These assumptions are based purely on its specs where you might be having concerns with the price of both new Mac Minis next to competing small scale Windows-based PCs.

Gateway’s SX2800-01 gives the new Minis Mac some stiff competition. A quite good judgment is needed which will help us to test the new Mac Minis, but our hunch is that Gateway’s $459, Core 2 Quad-based SX2800-01 slim tower would outperform or come close enough to either new Mac in processing typical workloads. The benefits of the smaller Mini Mac case may also have a hard time competing with the Gateway’s versatility that comes from an HDMI output and its upgrade options. There is an expectation of more competitive small PCs to come out over the next few weeks as the holiday buying season continues.

Even if the standard Minis Mac do compete well on recital, the server iteration of the Mac is more interesting, and we credit apple memory for listening to a specialized portion of the Mac current user base. For $999, Apple will now sell you a Mini Mac that basically mirrors the new $799 model, apart from that instead of OS X you get OS X Server, and the DVD burner that has been replaced by a second hard drive, for 1TB of storage overall. The price might be more than the DIY crowd will tolerate, but any small workgroup environment that might benefit from an out-of-the-way traffic cop it can plug in and forget could very likely be interested in what the Mac Mini Server has to offer.

How To View, Edit, And Fill Word, Excel Document In Application Or Java Web Application

As we know, it’s impossible to view, edit Microsoft Office documents directly on Web pages for many years. But if we can view, edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint on web pages, it will be the best user experience! We will never download, modify and then upload the Office documents. We will just online do everything about MS Office documents.

That is not a dream. Aceoffix can do that for you. Aceoffix is a flexible and professional web component for Microsoft Office, with the simplified interfaces and powerful functions that make it terrific not only for online editing and saving Office documents, but also importing and exporting data from database to Office documents. Aceoffix supports many Office document formats, such as *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.xml and *.rtf. Aceoffix supports both ASP.NET applications and Java Web applications.

Without installing Microsoft Office at the server side, web developers can easily embed and call Microsoft Office in web pages, just like using a Java control or ASP.NET control. Aceoffix edits the real Microsoft Office documents online without converting any formats.

The following image is the screenshot of Aceoffix.

In general management systems base on Browser/Server architecture, developers have to manage Word/Excel documents by downloading and uploading. With Aceoffix, you can not only online view, edit and save Office documents on web, but also access the contents of them. In addition, Aceoffix have many other powerful functions as well, like read-only control, authority control, editable region control, revision mode, generating formal documents and etc.

Aceoffix includes a group of easy-to-use components. They are the object modules that are developed based on commonly used functions of Word/Excel. These components have the complete objects hierarchies. Developer will be able to understand and handle them easily. With simple code, they can accomplish the functions of Microsoft Office that they could hardly achieve before. Developers will be able to create their own business components based on these components as well. Developers do not have to face with the complex interfaces of Microsoft Office COM automation and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). They will be able to save their time with Aceoffix.

Use Desktop Pop-up Application With Asterisk Pbx

Reminders, alerts, pop-ups, etc. are very important in this busy running world. Multi-tasking is what all of us do and so chances of overlooking certain alerts is likely. But what if we overlook something which is really significant? Not done, right? Yes! As a result, to avoid this confusion, desktop screen pop-up was introduced. Desktop pop-up application delivers integrated web searches with GoogleMaps and GoogleSearch to locate, dial and save new contacts.

Desktop popup application combines the power of the Microsoft, the power of Google, and the power of your Asterisk PBX based phone to speed up and simplify all your phone communications. Desktop applications use Asterisk AMI link to control any phone connected to a hosted Asterisk server, or control any phone connected to a Broad Soft server.

Possible instant messaging and other Asterisk call notification tools you could utilize: include the following:
1.smbclient (SAMBA)
2.YAC (windows & TiVo listener)
3.YAACID (open source in .NET/C#): Yet Another Asterisk Caller ID
4.Jabber (various methods), ICQ, MSN, …
5.Covide (CRM software)
6.FOP (Flash Operator Panel)
7.HooDaHek (collection of CallerID scripts and tools for Asterisk VOIP PBX)
8.App_notify network caller notification. Mac OSX client available (3rd party tool)
9.app_broadcast: Works with YAC etc. (3rd party tool)
10.asteroid (Open source, JAVA)
11.iBCallMan (Windows Desktop Call Manager)
12.PL Call Notify
13.MythTV OSD
14.NetCID (talking callerid)
15.Emerald Caller-ID Search
16.ADM – Asterisk Desktop Manager
17.U-Rang II (Screen Pop Utility for Windows)
18.Asterisk Dial & Announce Tool (ADAT). Free call-notifier (Outlook/CRM integration, event handling, click-to-dial, BLF panel and more).
19.Pbx Screen Popper (Opens a web page on incoming calls based on specific matching criteria)
20.StarJunction Free Edition Caller ID pop. Integration with Salesforce and SugarCRM
21.OutCall (Pop-Up as well as Outlook integration, free and open source)
23.CallerIDpop Perl Script
24.DialApplet, Windows, Mac & Linux
25.AsteriskCallNotification Mac
27.VoIP Operator Free Windows call notification and dialer for Asterisk. Very easy to use and install.
28.InGenius Connector Search-and Dial PC Application, Caller ID pop, integration with MS Outlook, Active Directory and Google. Optional Softphone.
29.Thirdlane Dialer Free dialer and screen-pop application for Asterisk based PBXs. Integrated with Thirdlane PBX and Thirdlane PBX MTE, MS Outlook, any web based CRM, dual-mode – floating or Outlook toolbar, supports call to URLs.
To add to all this, Apps4Rent offers you the best application hosting solutions, such as, hosted VOIP PBX, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. These software hosting solutions has become the preferred way for companies to implement business software.

Resolving no Fixed Disk Present Error And Hard Drive Recovery

The hard drive is most significant component of both Server and Desktop computers, which stores all of the data and software (both application and system). It is the most reliable and widely used data storage device, which could be referred as Data Center of your computer. The superiority and differences that hard drive provides in terms of size, data permanence, speed, immobility, make it prevailing more than other storage device such as flash drives, USB drives, floppy disks etc. But in some situations, your hard drive might fail due to logical and physical failures and you come across data loss circumstances. In these cases, you are required to carry out Hard Drive Recovery to get your mission critical data back.

In some cases, when you try to access your computer hard drive, you might encounter the following error message:

Hard disk drive failure

The above error message is indication of some physical damage to hard drive. This error particularly occurs in Microsoft Windows XP (both professional as well as home edition) and Microsoft Windows 2000 (professional edition). Using the Fdisk command to view the partition information of your Windows hard drive gives you below error message:

No fixed disk present

Other than the hard drive failure, you could also find out if:
Improperly installed hard drive
The drive is not properly configured in system BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).

Such issues might also occur when the logical component of your hard drive such as operating system, master file table, master boot record and so forth gets damaged. When these system components gets damage, operating system could not locate stored data on the hard drive and you encounter some error messages. It results into data loss and require Hard Drive Data Recovery to be sorted out.

In case of physical damage to the hard drive, you are required to go for Hard Drive Recovery with the help of recovery professionals. This personalized and sophisticated help is known as recovery service. It is delivered through safe and sterile surroundings of Clean Rooms using advanced tools and techniques.
On the other hand, logical data loss situations require Hard Drive Recovery Software to be sorted out. These applications are particularly designed to effectively scan affected hard drive and retrieve all of the data from it. These tools are completely safe and easy to use.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the leading provider of superior recovery solutions with over 16 years of rich experience. Software are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX and Novell. Service is carried out in Class 100 Clean Rooms using cutting-edge techniques.

Ensure Proper Sql Server Connection Pooling

By: Michael K. Campbell

Coming to SQL Server from both a database developer and DBA background, I maintain that while tuning SQL Servers ability to handle your application workloads is a viable way to increase performance, another way to bolster performance is to consider architectural and coding practices within your applications.

This is especially true of connection pooling which Microsoft describes as follows:

Connecting to a database server typically consists of several time-consuming steps. A physical channel such as a socket or a named pipe must be established, the initial handshake with the server must occur, the connection string information must be parsed, the connection must be authenticated by the server, checks must be run for enlisting in the current transaction, and so on.

In practice, most applications use only one or a few different configurations for connections. This means that during application execution, many identical connections will be repeatedly opened and closed. To minimize the cost of opening connections, ADO.NET uses an optimization technique called connection pooling.

The problem, however, with connection pooling is that it can be complex to correctly configure and define making it non-trivial to implement correctly in some environments.

Connection Pooling Defined
Happily, however, Microsoft has provided some great guidance around how to properly understand and configure Connection Pooling including the following resources:

An Overview of Connection Pooling in ADO.NET (link)
Cited above, this resource provides a decent overview of what connection pooling is, why its important, and how to leverage it properly. It also bypasses a lot of the FUD and bad advice around connection pooling that has sadly crept up over the years no doubt due to the non-trivial nature of some of the configuration semantics required to get pooling to work correctly under more complex scenarios.

Connection String Details that Define Pooling Considerations (link)
Focusing primarily on how to construct connection strings for use within ADO.NET applications, this resource also helps define the specific components used in connection strings that can be used to regulate and define pool sizes and parameters (near the bottom of the page).

Development and Coding Considerations to avoid leaking Connections (link)
While this guidance is decidedly older than the other two sources cited

…To view more

Keep an eye and find any files on mac

Magican just released two useful tools for mac, named as Magican Paster and Magcian File, which especially do a great help of those who just transfer to Mac from PC.

Magican Paster In addition to displaying you the running status of your Mac OS, includes the system monitor (memory usage, disk usage, your fans temperature, your battery status, your network speed) and feature of world time. In the screen that appears you’ll see 8 items of the application that are currently monitoring your system and showing you the current using data.

The highlight of network shows your bandwidth, including the download and upload speed. Then when your networks turns down, check this item to get where your speed has gone. By more and more business tips, a clock shows several countries’ time is essential. Magican Paster clock can help. Just type the country’s name, and set the refresh internal, it wills automatically syncs it’s time to the time server.

A tidy but customized design is you can minimize each item at will, or just monitor each of them by your need.

Magican File For the fresh man of Mac, files on disk may be scattered and hard to find, but just leave it alone may not a good idea, for more and more fresh articles, music and app, the allotted free space may fill up rather quickly if it’s not probably managed and organized.

Using the search portion in Magican File helps find any file, just type the files’ name, format, size, created date and modified date to accurate the search range, if you are pretty sure the key words you typed, just select the -equal to- to speed up search, or select “contains”, “starts with” or “ends with” to enlarge search portion and get the desired file.

One of the specials in Magican File is manage the existed file, adding several Windows style buttons helps you copy, cut(Mac doesn’t support), paste, remove to Trash and create files and folders. Then permanently deleting files help release more disks space and also keep the deleted files’ privacy. Still feature of navigation bar make you easily back or up to former step or directly go to former folder.

Anyway. We put together these two tools, which show our endeavor over the past years. We will keep maintain each of our application and make them perfect for your needs.